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If there's one thing I absolutely, absolutely love about boxing, it's how it helps me manage anger by being an alternative means for release. A few weeks back, I had the worst morning meeting EVER - I've never been more insulted by a colleague in all my years of working. But because I was still a pro, I didn't lose my composure during that meeting.
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But by the time I got to BAMF MMA Center, I let it all out. Since I'm just starting with boxing, I get thrown off my balance when I punch really strong. But it didn't matter then - I was just hell-bent on getting the anger out of my system. I threw every single punch all the strength I had. Well, actually, maybe the word isn't strength - it's gigil. There's no direct translation of that word, but it's basically how you feel when you're trying to keep yourself from going apeshit crazy when you're stark raving mad, so you end up gritting your teeth or clenching your fists or something.

So there - every punch was directed at the face of that person who pissed me off (I imagined that that person was the target), so it was satisfying to hit really hard! I was even grunting like I used to do when I played tennis. I'm sure that, if there were a video of that boxing session and I watched it now, I would be laughing my head off at how mad I was at that time. Coach Vincent and my friend Franco both noticed how I was so into the workout! Haha!

I felt really, really drained after that session, though. I could barely stay up while munching on my recovery meal (ramen, of course! Haha!) with Alfred and Franco. I actually fell asleep in the car on the way home, and the following morning, I was sore all over. Every fiber of my being hurt like hell, but it was worth it.


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