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My friend Pauline shared a quick and easy fish recipe with me when we were still sharing a condo in Eastwood. I've since moved out to Makati, but what she taught me has become one of my favorite meals because it's perfect for my on-the-go lifestyle. My flatmate Jerry has come to like it, too! I've decided to give it a gourmet name, just to make it yummier: Cream dory steamed in herbed lemon squeeze. Haha!
This is kinda what it looks like. Haha!
(image from the internet)
So here's what you need:

Cream dory fillet
Black ground pepper
Chili Powder

Equipment, etc.
Oven toaster
Metal tray (most oven toasters come with it)
Aluminum foil

And here are the steps:

1. Split the lemon in half. I would recommend that you do this lengthwise so you can get more squeeze out of it. By the way, I suggest you set aside two round slices to serve as garnish.

2. Squeeze the lemon juice on both sides of the cream dory fillet. Be sure the fish is already thawed; otherwise, it won't soak in the juice.

3. Sprinkle basil, oregano, black ground pepper, and chili powder on one side of the fish. You may adjust the quantities to suit your taste. I usually go easy on the oregano and the black ground pepper, but I'm very generous with the basil and the chili powder.

4. Cut out just the right size of aluminum foil for the fish. Put one of the two slices of lemon right at the center, and place the seasoned side of the fillet over it.

5. Repeat step three for the other side of the fish, and then put the other lemon slice at the center. Fold the foil to cover.

6. Leave the fish in the fridge for at least two hours. I prefer to leave it overnight in the fridge, though - it comes out much tastier.

7. Pop it in the oven toaster for about eight to ten minutes. Two things - you need to put it on a tray, and you need to open up the top part of the foil to make sure that ample heat gets to the fish.

When I feel like it, I steam some asparagus in herbed lemon water to go with this dish. But more often than not, this is already enough for me - after all, I love this dish because it saves me from dishwashing! I usually eat it with red rice, a couple of hours before a workout.

Give it a try, and I hope you like it! :)


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