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So I've been boxing for a while now, and I'm happy to report that I've made some real progress! I punch harder, and I don't lose my balance that often anymore. My arms are stronger, as are my legs - I can do more rounds of leg exercises before they cave. Friends have been complimenting me; a lot of them have pointed out that I look quite fit, and they're happy as I am on the improvements. Yay!
I love this!
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But the best part about boxing is how it has helped me cut down on smoking. I have not successfully quit yet, for the record. All things considered, however, I'm very happy at how a pack that I could finish in two days before could now last me about a week. I guess it helps that I don't drink as much anymore - I find it hard to not smoke when I'm out drinking with friends.
A little inspiration.
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I hope I'd finally be able to kick the nasty habit for good! :) There are just one too many benefits to quitting - I'll be a better boxer and singer, I'll be healthier all over, and I'll be able to save money, too (or use it for food! Haha!). Good luck to me! :)


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