Into the sea

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Last March 23, 2014, I decided to create a new album on my Facebook account called "Into the Sea." It's basically a compilation of pictures of me jumping or diving into the sea. At the time, the album only had two photos - one from Puerto Galera, which was taken by my office mate Strell Libot, and the other was from Siquijor, which was taken by Karen Reyes, a wonderful woman I met on my first trip to Dumaguete.
Thank you, Strell. 
Thank you, Karen.
Because I like to travel by myself, this album is a challenge. I don't want to use GoPro - the photos have to show me moments before I hit the water - so I would always have to beg someone to take my photo. Luckily for me, I have the awesomest friends and travel buddies ever! I'm happy to note that I added three photos to the album for 2014 - two from Boracay (Magic Island, and on the raft we were on before parasailing), both taken by Ed, and one from Dauin, taken by Jerry.
Photo by Ed Lorenzo
Photo by Ed Lorenzo
Photo by Jerry Catarata
This is definitely my travel year, because I know that there will be more photos to follow. Cebu awaits this September, (as does Dumaguete, woohoo!) and maybe, just maybe, Mindanao will be a destination this December. This means I gotta shape up! :)


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