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Although I frequently joke about not having a heart (and having two livers, instead), I actually do have one, and it's softer than I make it seem. I'm a tough cookie, yes, but I do have a soft spot for kids. Those who really know me can attest to that. This is the reason why I absolutely loved my job in Selecta - I get to give factory tours to adorable kids!
Adorable little tots from Cambridge School :)
Ice cream makes everyone happy! :)
My brief stint in public relations also gave me the opportunity to work with kids, this time from Special Olympics Philippines! Sprite was one of the major sponsors of NBA 3X, and since mother company Coca-Cola was a client, I was tasked to bring special needs kids for a basketball lesson from NBA star Eric Gordon of the New Orleans Pelicans. The kids were sooooo happy! :)

(Side story: I bumped into a couple of friends at the event, and when I told them I was with these kids, their faces totally changed! They said they had no idea I had such a big heart. WOW.)
The kids with Grizz, the mascot of the Memphis Grizzlies,
plus Eric Gordon of the New Orleans Pelicans!
Back to Selecta, what I loved about working there is that I get to handle CSR for the company. My boss then, John Concepcion, has a heart the size of the moon, and I'm extremely fortunate that I got to work with a man like him. I asked for his approval to give ice cream to a Christmas party in Philippine General Hospital for kids with cancer, and he signed off without any questions.

Being there with the kids broke my heart a little. I was reminded of my mother, who passed away in 2010 from cancer, and it made me really sad knowing that not a lot of them will make it. Not because they don't have the will to fight, but because they don't have access or the resources for proper treatment. I'm glad I was able to make them happy even for just a short while with the ice cream I brought them.
A little bit of happiness
There is always hope
And to me, kids don't stop being kids until... Well, I don't know. To this day, I still consider my students during my days as a volunteer teacher for Alay Ni Ignacio as my "kids." Haha! Seeing them now on Facebook - posting about their happy lives, about their travels, about their achievements - makes me extremely happy. I'm grateful that I was given the opportunity to be a big sister to them while they were growing up. 
I'll always be your Ate Isay, loves! :)
My work has been keeping me from seeing my nieces, and I constantly miss them. It seems as though it was only yesterday when we were in the hospital, with their mother in the delivery room. They're little ladies now, and from what I hear, they're both doing really well in school. Don't grow up too fast, loves! That'll break Tita Isay's heart! And oh - no boyfriends 'til you're 18!
Big girls
So there, I just showed you my heart.


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