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Although I have a predominantly logical mind, I have always been passionate about the creative, which explains my love for reading literature and writing. I am and I always will be biased for prose, but I do have an appreciation (and maybe even a little bit of talent) for poetry (I'm proud to have had my piece called "(Un)Empty Spaces" published in Flow 5.2, curated by Joey Yupangco).

My friend Reese shares my passion for poetry, as well. She follows a poet named Robert M. Drake, who posts his work on various social media sites. He's a talented young writer who, in my humble opinion, has really found his voice. Anyway, one random evening, Reese sent me a screenshot of her Instagram feed with the piece from Drake, and she left me a note saying that she immediately thought of me when she read it.
My heart is full <3
she was fierce, she was strong,
she wasn't simple. she was crazy
and sometimes she barely slept.
she always had something to say.
she had flaws and that was ok.
and when she was down, she got
right back up. she was a beast
in her own way, but one idea
described her best, she was 
unstoppable and she took everything
she wanted with a smile.

Reese reposted the photo and dedicated it to all the beautiful and strong women she knew, myself included (thank you, dear!). And as I end this post, let me dedicate it as well to all the beautiful and strong women I know, starting with the superlative that is my lovely mother.


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