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A few weeks ago, I wrote about a new story that I'm attempting to write called It's Too Early. I mentioned before that it took me a mere 36 hours of writing frenzy to finish the last story I penned, Pieces of Tea, a story about two complicated friends who explored the limits of their relationships with other people, and with one another.

I actually submitted this piece to a short fiction contest back in 2006. When the winners were announced and I wasn't one of them, I didn't really take it to heart - I never really expected anything when I joined. To my surprise, however, one of the judges, Joe, wrote me a personal note after the top three were announced. He told me that my piece made it through three readings, which meant that from over hundreds of entries, I was in the top ten.

He went on to say that the story was great, and that it was universally loved by the panel. He even quoted a paragraph that he particularly appreciated; he said that it captured everything there really is to say about being in a complicated relationship. (Thank you, Joe! Your kind words have kept me writing.)
Must. Write. Again.
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Anyway, this new story is taking much longer to write. So far, I've only typed up five pages (single-spaced, one-inch margin on all sides, Century Gothic 10), and that is a tad too slow for my taste. It's not that the inspiration isn't there, because it is. And although I'm busy, I know that I can find the time for it if I wanted to. The issue here is I'm a bit lost, a bit overwhelmed.

Pieces of Tea is a semi-autobiographical piece. While it is still technically fiction, a huge part of it is inspired by actual people and events. It's Too Early is semi-autobiographical, as well. But the pace of my life at the time when I was writing Pieces of Tea is much slower than it is now (I was still in college when I wrote that).

Right now, however, everything is moving too fast; I'm changing everyday, and so are the other players - for this reason, I'm having a hard time keeping up in writing. I know that I don't have to give a blow-by-blow of what's going on in my life for this story. But I want this piece of fiction to mirror real-life characterization, and it's getting left behind in the translation.

I guess I need to take things down a notch with my real life, albeit for a little while, to allow fiction to catch up.


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