MW / SaGuijo gig #2

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I'm starting to notice a pattern - when I know that I'm about to perform in SaGuijo, I get sick. The first time I caught the flu the Sunday before the Tuesday gig. What could have been the second time got cancelled because I had fever brought about by exhaustion from my Dumaguete trip. And the most recent was was the same - I had fever the day before because of the all-nighters I've been pulling for work!

Thankfully, I didn't have to cancel again. Although we didn't get to practice because we were both so busy, and although Bok couldn't make it because of work, Gershwin and I marched on and played a five-song all-original set as Manaha. Our repertoire included all the usual suspects - Pag-Amin and Kape from my arsenal, Kalaro, Palaisipan, and Mulat from his.
Our biggest little fan! :)
Photo by Franco Rulloda
This one's extra special because my godson, Asher, was there with me onstage (well, it's not really a stage but you get what I mean)! He was just too cute and I'm so happy Ava brought him. In one of the songs, I actually felt him tugging on the mic stand, and I had to fight the urge to stop singing and just play with him, haha!

But the best part about this gig is that my DEFTAC friends were there! Woohoo! Before the gig, JR dropped by the condo to hang out, and because he noticed I was so nervous, he ended up doing stupid dance moves to make me laugh! Franco and Reese picked us up and then we had dinner in Sinangag Express in Malugay before we finally headed to SaGuijo.

Alfred and his lovely wife Kat managed to escape from their cutie patootie son, Alo, for the evening, and they made it there right about the middle of the third song. I almost wanted to cry at how supportive they were. We haven't even been friends that long - Alfred I met in March, Franco in May, Reese in June, and Kat and JR in July - but they really made an effort to be there to support me.

Franco even posted a photo of Manaha on Instagram! It was a bit embarrassing because he tagged Urbandub's Gabby Alipe, Hale and Mecca Music's Champ Lui-Pio, and the official account of 12 Monkeys Music Hall and Pub - and all three liked the picture! Haha! Reese even commented that I have a fan club and that they'll show up at the next gig wearing shirts with my face printed on them! I have crazy friends and I love them! :)

Thank you, Paul, for always having Manaha in mind for your prod. Thank you, Ava, for always being supportive of Gershwin and the music that we're trying to make as a band. Thank you, Franco, JR, Reese, Alfred, and Kat - having you guys there means so much! :)


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