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Cyrano friends respond.

I learned from Alex that one of our friends needed financial help for her father's treatment. Neither of us really had any money to spare at the time, so we tried to think of other ways to raise the funds. It hit us while we were brainstorming over shots of whiskey - I should just sing in Cyrano. He's been asking me to do that since he first learned that I could, so I figured it's like hitting two birds with one stone - I'll finally be able to sing there, and we get to make some money for our friend.

Gershwin was the first person I called, and luckily, he said yes! We performed as Manaha, of course. But because we didn't have practice, we made quite a number of mistakes. Good thing Cyrano folks are super cool - they didn't mind in the least and they still put money in the makeshift hat! I think we raised around Php10,000, which isn't bad considering we didn't really have any professional acts!

With Gersh, I sang a total of nine (9) original songs that evening. Crazy, eh? That's more than my usual wedding set. And when my actual wedding guitarist, Jethro, showed up to accompany me on my second set, I was already a bit exhausted. But in a good way - I enjoy singing, and I like it more when I know that I'm helping someone because of it.
Below are some videos, taken by Gersh's wife, Ava:


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