UM / I just found a new ukay haven!

12:00:00 AM

So I was on my way to the office of Stratminds, one of the event firms I'm freelancing with when I passed by this small ukay-ukay place in Boni, Mandaluyong. Here's the commute - from my place, I took a bus to Boni, and I walked over to the southbound side of EDSA, where GA Tower is.
These tall buildings
(photo from the internet)
If you're facing GA Tower, there's a small market to the left. I have to pass through it to get to the jeepney terminal where I could get a ride to the office. Anyway, that market has one small ukay-ukay shop.
The items I saw there were incredible, and I hated myself for not having money! There were a bunch of really nice LBDs - branded stuff - on retail for about Php100 each. I'm scheduled to collect my fee for one of my projects next week, so yes, I'm definitely going there again. And if the dress is really for me, it will still be there. Haha!


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