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I consider myself quite lucky when it comes to the ukay-ukay; for some reason, the clothes that catch my eye are almost always my size! Yay! :) I guess it helps that I'm neither fat nor thin - my body type is quite average, so there are definitely more options available for girls like myself. I'm crazy about anything made of cotton, because comfort is a priority when I look for clothes.
Cottony soft
I got this gray cotton top in Guadalupe for a measly Php10. I've worn it twice when I was still in the corporate world, and on both occasions, I wore them over a crisp white shirt. I know that the weather in the Philippines does not exactly call for layering, but because I get cold really easily, I just have to put one top over the other when I go to the office. Besides, it makes me look a bit more professional. Haha!

Click here for the post with the store information. 


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