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But since Ukay Monday is pretty much my fashion category (even if I'm not really a fashion blogger), there's really no other day to post about Zalora's new campaign but today. I'm a huge fan of Zalora because of how it revolutionized shopping for busybees like myself. I wrote about them previously when they launched Zalora Marketplace, and being a budding entrepreneur, myself, that project was (in my humble opinion) definitely worth writing about.

My accidental background in advertising makes me particularly appreciative of good campaigns, and Zalora's newest totally, totally hits the spot! Check out the video below:

I used to not care about the clothes that I put on my back, until one of my favorite bosses, MM, made me realize that there is value to it beyond the superficial. Clothes help a person make a lasting impression on business partners. And now that I'm trying to venture into mixed martial arts, which is perceived to be "a man's world," I really am putting a premium on that. I still have to nail the makeup bit, I know - but clothes are a good start. 

When I have important meetings, I really make an effort to dress up even when I know that I'm only an attendee (but I dress up even better when I'm expected to take the lead!). In the hit television series Suits, Harvey Specter said to Mike Ross in Season 1: "People respond to how we're dressed," and I agree - it definitely, definitely pays to look polished. And I can say from personal experience that when I'm in heels, I close more deals.
It makes a difference, I promise.
(shoes bought from
I guess it's because my attitude also changes when I dress up - I feel more confident, and I feel and probably seem smarter. And because of that, I'm able to put my partners at ease, because they know that I know what I'm talking about. It's not always easy to get your footing in the business world if you don't have a business background and/or you're very young, so a little help in the confidence department is always, always welcome. 
Nothing's stopping you!
(image from
When I'm dressed up for a meeting, I feel like I OWN the meeting. And that's why Zalora's #OWNNOW campaign is sheer genius for me: it perfectly encapsulates how I feel about fashion - it gives me that feeling of empowerment, that I can conquer the world with my own personal style. Yes, there will always be more to me than how I look, and I will always consider that more important, but a little confidence boost from a stylish ensemble can't hurt.

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