FTF / ATC: Why have I never been here?

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As I have been a Northerner for most of my life, I actually don't go to the South much to hang out (except, of course, to visit my best friend in the whole wide universe, Joandrea). It's only recently, with my involvement in the URCC and with my new obsession (boxing), that I've been shuttling back and forth to Sucat, Paranaque.

On more than one occasion, I've actually been close enough to Alabang Town Center - one of them being the Condura Skyway Marathon, which kicks off in Filinvest City. So when Franco wanted to celebrate his gold medal finish at the 2014 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu National Championships at Yushoken, I begged him to give me the grand tour of ATC.
(photo from the internet)
For the most part, it's just like any other mall. It has stores, coffee shops, an activity center, parking, etc. But the vibe is actually quite different - it's more relaxed, for the lack of a better term. The North and South of Metro Manila are like New York and California, respectively. So yeah, I definitely felt like a New Yorker in Cali when I walked in.

I liked it from the moment I walked in. I imagined myself sitting in one of the coffee shops there, reading a book or writing on my journal as I waited for my cup of joe to grow cool enough for drinking. Let's put it this way - if the North inspires the logical side of my brain, the South awakens the creative part.

The next time I get a free day, I just might take a bus to ATC for that coffee trip.


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