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Okay, ask any of my friends - I'm not really the boy-crazy sort - or at least the boys I am crazy over are not the model-types. I don't go swooning over the Greek-god-esque men I see on the pages of my favorite magazines. But that didn't stop me from having a bit of fun with my all-access pass at Cosmo Tower 69: Bachelor Bash 2014! I was there with Folded & Hung Famous Salon, the amazing team behind the grooming of all the handsome men who made all the women in the audience scream!
All access fun.
I was posting photos on Instagram with the event's official hashtag, #COSMO69, and I instantly got responses (likes and comments) from random women asking me to share behind-the-scenes topless pictures! Crazy! But I don't blame them: I have never seen a bigger concentration of chiseled cheekbones and perfectly-sculpted abs in one place (although BAMF MMA Center is a close second, naks)!
Cerah interviewing Victor Basa. So good to see you, Cerah! :)
That was my first time to attend the annual Cosmo Bachelor Bash, so everything that happened was a total surprise to me! Women were really screaming at the top of their lungs for the celebrities and models on the runway. They were screaming the way I scream for my favorite rockstars, so in a way, I kind of understood them. I just didn't really have anyone to scream for that evening because Tirso Ripoll of Razorback didn't make the list. :P
The abs are already there. The makeup is to make sure they look good under harsh lights.
My job that evening was covering the event (behind the scenes, hence the backstage pass), which also meant flooding Instagram with sinful images - to my male followers, I apologize, and to the females and the beckies, you're welcome. I took a LOT of photos, most of which ended up in a Facebook album that I made public (click here to view the album). Again, you're welcome.
Cosmo hunk Kirst Viray's hair is nicer than mine. Oh well.
So anyway, the F&H Famous Salon Team really worked their magic that night - one model after another. It must have been really tiring, with 69 individuals to groom in quick succession, but I'm pretty sure they had a blast! And they all did a really great job - if you check out the official photos, the men of Tower 69 looked polished, runway-ready, and magazine cover-worthy.
Neil Perez - Mr. International Philippines - is really gwapo in person.
PBB winner Daniel Matsunaga is really cute up close. And he's a nice guy, too!
Having worked with meticulous photographers and directors in the past (as well as great makeup artists), I'd like to think that I've acquired sufficient knowledge to spot a good hair and makeup job when I see one. Some of the men there transformed right before my eyes as I sat by the hair and makeup station: they turned from plain to smoldering with a little help from our F&H Famous Salon friends.

Folded & Hung Famous Salon uses Schwarzkopf products, which would explain the great hair of the Cosmo 69 men! On a side note, all the guys I've liked had one thing in common - they all had nice hair. I never was into bald men, because I like the feeling of running my fingers through soft hair. My ex even had hair as long as mine! So yeah, back to Cosmo 69, the men that caught my attention were the ones who had nice locks!
For every hair type!
I have an appointment for a much-needed hair treatment some time next week, and I couldn't be more excited! I wonder if they can give me hair as nice as Kirst's? :)


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