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My friend Franco turned 30 last August, and to celebrate, he dragged his brother JR, our friend Reese, and myself to Crystal Beach Resort in Zambales! Woohoo! A beach trip is always, always a welcome addition to my schedule! I've always passed by Zambales on my way to Baguio or La Union, but I never really got to hit the beaches there, so yes, it was an awesome first for me.
The mandatory beach self-we
Since it's no longer summer, it was raining half the trip. But that didn't keep us from having fun! We spent a lot of time in the water, and it was absolutely therapeutic for me. I got to swim lap after lap after lap, and it felt really great (it left me wondering if I should give triathlon a shot, haha!) although I'm miserably out of shape.
At the time, I was under a lot of pressure at work, so I really needed the getaway. On the way there, work still chased me (I had to bring out my laptop and shoot out emails from Pampanga), but when we finally arrived at the beach, I was pretty much... Free. :)
JR and the birthday boy!
The water was warm, which is a stark contrast to the cold rain. Whenever it started to drizzle, we'd joke that we should all go underwater so we wouldn't get drenched. Haha! Actually, we were laughing practically the whole trip because we kept watching this super funny video on Vine - surprise, all rise, some fries, supplies, wrong size, baptize, and so on! I'll post that video another time.

And oh, I also got to try surfing for the first time, but I didn't really do so well - I even went home with scratches on my left leg. Boo! I don't move fast enough and my balance totally sucks, so I couldn't even stand on the board. Pathetic, I know. But at least I got to learn some BJJ moves, thanks to Coach JR!
I failed. I'll stick to swimming. Hehe
Franco wanted to do a barbecue, but in the end we decided against it. As it was going to be a chill weekend, we didn't really want the burden of cooking anymore. We just ate at the restaurant, and their lechon kawali became our absolute favorite! That and sinigang na baboy and Fudgee Barr (dark chocolate, of course)!

Props to Franco for taking us all with him to celebrate! It was an incredible weekend for me - my only regret is I forgot to take a photo for my Into the Sea Facebook album! Boo!


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