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Franco, Alfred, and I make up the Triumvirate. It's just a fancy name for three individuals within DEFTAC who are addicted to ramen! Haha! I introduced the two to Erra's Ramen in Malate, which is perfect for our twice-a-week post-workout recovery meals since it's very cheap. But every now and then, we do go to slightly fancier (meaning more expensive) places. One time, we went to Nihonbashi Tei along Pasay Road in Makati once to celebrate my first foray into boxing - the two were proud of me for finally trying! Haha!

I guess expensive ramen is reserved for special celebrations. So when Franco won two gold medals at the 2014 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu National Championships, we had ramen in Yushoken! They've been telling me about the restaurant since the first time we ate at Erra's, and the two kept saying they'll bring me there 'someday.' Yushoken is in Molito Complex in Alabang, which is far for a Makati-based person like me. That being said, I didn't hold my breath for 'someday.'
Shoyu please!
Which made it even more satisfying when it finally, actually, happened.
It is as yummy as it looks.
Best side dish with ramen!
I'm not a fan, but it's quite good.
Alfred couldn't join us because he was hosting relatives visiting from the US, so it was just me, Franco, JR, and Abi. I ordered shoyu ramen (my default ramen because I have a very simple a.k.a. unsophisticated palate), and I fell in love at first slurp! The broth is rich, the noodles were just right, and the strip of pork was very tender and tasty.

Franco ordered gyoza and chicken to go with the ramen, and both were really good, too! The gyoza complemented the ramen perfectly to complete the meal and the experience. :) Thank you, Franco, for the treat, and congratulations for winning two golds at the BJJ Nationals! I'm very, very proud of you! :)

I guess when the Triumvirate has victories and wins to celebrate as a team, Yushoken could be our go-to place. We are, after all, ramen heads! :)


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