HFT / BJJ: Beach jiu-jitsu?

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So a few weeks back, I went to Crystal Beach Resort in Zambales for Franco's birthday weekend getaway! It's a small company - him, me, JR, and Reese, but we had loads of fun! I tried surfing, and I failed miserably because of my balance problems. But my favorite part of the trip is getting my feet wet (literally, too, because it's a fracking beach, after all) in Brazilian jiu-jitsu!

JR was my designated teacher. He actually taught me how to do a rear-naked choke before, and I almost passed out because I forgot to tap out. Haha! A week before we left for the beach, we all watched an MMA event somewhere in Quezon City, and one of the fighters I was rooting for lost to his opponent because he was taken down by a really quick and effective ankle pick! So that's what I asked JR to teach me.
Peg? Hahaha
(photo from the internet)
The waters were quite shallow so we didn't have a problem with our footing. A takedown in the water isn't painful - granted, of course, that you close your eyes and cover your nose when you hit the water - so it was okay for a beginner like me. It's an easy move if your opponent doesn't resist, haha! In an actual fight, however, the dynamics change completely.

When the waves got a bit stronger, we moved to the shore. In hindsight, that was a very bad idea because I got one too many little scratches all over my back! That's because I stupidly did not wear a rashguard. And even if it's not solid ground, the impact still hurt a bit. But it's okay because I learned how to do an ankle pick!

He also taught me how do do hip throws. JR's a pinweight fighter, so I didn't struggle that much when I gave the move a try (Franco would have been a different story, haha!). What I appreciated about jiu-jitsu is that you don't have to be bigger than your opponent to have an edge - you just have to mastery of all the right techniques.

Can't wait to hit the mats and finally give it a try!


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