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I do not like exercise. Although I have an entire section of this blog dedicated to health and fitness, I really don't like exercise (with the exception of yoga, because yoga is more than just exercise, it's meditation so it's good for the body, mind, and soul). Before I begin, let me just say that I respect people who exercise to get or stay in shape, I really do. I understand that every person has his or her own approach to fitness, and no one is required to agree with me on this.

One time, while driving to BAMF MMA Center for training, Franco and I talked about why people should take up a sport to stay or get in shape (no, chess doesn't count). He couldn't have said it any better - "Think about it this way: when people ask you what you're good at, you can say 'I run marathons' or 'I compete in triathlons' or 'I'm a fighter,' rather than 'I'm good at exercising'."

Franco, as you guys probably already know if you follow this blog, is a mixed martial artist with enough medals to break his own neck if he wears them all at once. He plays basketball, and like me, he used to swim. As for me, well, it's mainly my Dad's fault why I'm so into sports. I was a swimmer, I played basketball, I got addicted to running, I dabbled with tennis for a bit, and now I'm doing boxing, too.
Acquire a new skill to go with your new bod!
Franco makes a fine point with what he said. If you're going to work your ass off anyway, then why not do it for something other than to look good in a bikini? Why not learn a new sport, or acquire a physical skill that has practical applications? That way, you can be good at more than just working out - you'll acquire a new skill that will go with your new body. And besides, exercise for the sake of exercise is a bit boring - for me, at least.

(Side note: Although I don't like strength and conditioning exercises, I understand that they're necessary if I'm going to get better at my sport. But that's the thing - they're meant complement and supplement what I'm already doing; they are not (and should not be) the only things I'm doing. That's one of the reasons I quit Fitness First - it just lost its point after a while.)


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