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In August, at the height of our team's preparations for the Asian Carriers Conference 2014, I got sidelined by a mild infection that rendered me useless to the team for about a couple of days. It was a combination of physical and mental exhaustion brought about by lack of sleep, made worse by what seemed like an endless supply of junk food.

Antibiotics and pain relievers were my best friends for a week, and I hated the idea of having to spend my hard-earned money on my health. At the time, however, the sleepless nights were required for work, so I had no control over that. What I did have control over is what I consumed, so I made some adjustments.
I love you but you're not good for me. Goodbye.
I started by completely getting rid of sodas and replacing it with good old water. It's a small change, if you think about it, but it did wonders for my body. Since I needed caffeine to stay up, I matched my coffee intake with twice its amount in water. One of the main causes of the infection was severe dehydration, so loading up on water was absolutely necessary for my recovery.

Going to the gym was no longer an option due to time constraints, so in its stead, I would do a few rounds of shadow boxing in between work streaks. When I had to go to my boss's house from my condo (or vice versa), I would opt to walk so I could get my blood circulating and maybe sweat out a bit.

I also stopped stress-eating. Whenever I felt overwhelmed, I'd drink a tall glass of water, and if the craving doesn't disappear, I'll munch on a small snack instead of stuffing my face silly. I kept food in my bag always - not chips, I promise! - so I wouldn't starve (we all know that starving yourself only leads to binge eating).

Our lives are back to normal now that the event is over. I never want to get sick again, though. So for that reason, I'm going to hang on to these little habits I've built. :)


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