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When I wrote about how You Don't Mess With Me No More, I was actually talking more about the skills of my new friends in DEFTAC and not my own! Haha! I've been training a lot in boxing but I'm still far from deadly. And having awesome friends who could protect me just makes me feel much, much safer in a pretty scary world.

On the first weekend of August, I watched my friends Franco, JR, and Abi compete in the 2014 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu National Championships. It was held in SM Sucat, and it was really, really far! Haha! The two-day event kicked off with the gi competition, and I'm happy to note that Franco won the Gold Medal.
Making that victory even sweeter is the fact that he defeated World Champion Eros Baluyot! Good job, Frankie! (He was a bit nervous so I had to give him a gentle slap on the face. It worked! Haha!)
Gold Medal #2
You're still awesome, kiddo! #AdoptedBrother
So proud of this little girl! :)
Abi also won a Gold medal, whie JR bagged a Bronze. In the NoGi competition, Franco scored another Gold for his weight division, and a Bronze in the absolutes, while JR got Silver. I couldn't possibly be any prouder of them! Theirs were the only photos on my Instagram feed that weekend! :)

Watching them compete made me consider trying Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I've been doing okay in boxing, and I actually like it a lot. But if I'm going to be good at my job as an MMA promoter, then I have to learn the game! I don't have to compete or anything - I just have to learn the basics. So maybe, just maybe, I'll give it a try in La Salle - JR agreed to lend me his gi. :)

Congratulations again, loves! :)


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