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My friend Franco, a seasoned MMA and Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter and coach/instructor, is hell-bent on making me stronger! Although I've been athletic for most of my life, I've sort of "let go" in the sense that I'm no longer as physically fit as I used to be. At the height of my swimming career, I could lift 90-pound weights and do over 60 crunches with ease, but at the time I met him, a laptop felt like the world on my shoulders!

I told Franco that I wanted to get fit again, and he enrolled me in "Project Sexy." Haha! I've been failing miserably in the food department because my schedule lately has forced so much fast food down my throat, but I try to make up for it by going boxing whenever I could. I train mostly in BAMF MMA Center with Coach Vincent, and one time I went to Fight Factory Greenhills (before Happy Thursday in DLSU, haha!).
The ring
(photo by Franco Rulloda)
But so far, the best boxing training I've had was in XCon Tiger City Gym. Although it is open to the public, it's not your typical commercial gym - it's a place where real boxers train (they actually close the gym from 12:00 NN to 3:00 PM everyday so the fighters can train). I felt the difference: they don't train you to get sexy, they train you to fight. My body was sore for almost a week after one session there, but it was totally worth the pain!
Say hello to my right arm. Hehe
(photo by Franco Rulloda)
The trainers there are active boxers. Robin was assigned to me when I went there, and he didn't show mercy! Which is a good thing because I really got to push myself to my limit. No excuses were accepted. I was really close to giving up but he simply refused to let me, so I somehow managed to complete the workout. He corrected my stance and my form, and he also taught me basic footwork.
One of two boxing-related injuries
For the first time since I started, I got bruises from training. One is in my right hand, at the base of my pinkie finger, and the other is in my right arm, at the base of the boxing glove. But they're minor and I just shrugged them off; I still want to keep boxing!

I haven't been back since, but I vow to do so after my Cebu event and Dumaguete vacay! XCon Tiger City Gym is located in 248 Sto. Rosario St., Plainview, Mandaluyong City. For inquiries, call them at 531-5366, or visit


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