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One of the events I got to work on this year is Pioneer DJ Digital DJ Battle 2014 Philippines. I was the "Information Architect," which is a fancy way of saying that I wrote content for, and managed the social media pages of the event, and that I also put together the scripts. Sounds easy, right? It is, but it's time-consuming.
The top 10 at URBN
I had to be in the scored showcases in EMEX 2014 and in The Beat Project Manila, in the semi-finals in URBN Bar & Kitchen, and finally, the finals at Raven Boutique Club. Those events were fun and exciting, and I loved being there even though I find myself exhausted by the end of the evening!
DJs Travis Monsod and Funk Avy
Anyway, the event series has allowed me to spend a lot of time with some of the country's best DJs - Funk Avy, Travis Monsod, Katsy Lee, and Mark Nicosia. I've heard them all spin before when I would hit the clubs with my friends, and Funk Avy is an easy favorite of mine! My brother AR and I would frequent Imperial Ice Bar, where we'd dance to his music while enjoying our favorite beers! :)
DJ Mark Nicosia
As a musician, I've always been biased for the kind of music that I make with my band - with my voice and with instruments like guitars and saxophones and what have you. I have a healthy respect for DJs, but I held traditional musicians at a higher regard for the longest time. And I will admit that I still do - I don't think that will ever change.

However, having gone through this event series, I learned a lot listening to the DJs during the mentoring sessions for the semi-finalists. Because of that, I now have a deeper appreciation of the art form, and of the music that they make. I won't listen to electronic music the same way again!

P.S. Congrats, DJ Mecha! Been rooting for you since day one!


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