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The weekend before Manaha had its second gig in SaGuijo for OPM Lives, I went to SM Sucat to watch my friends Franco, JR, and Abi compete in the 2014 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu National Championships. Franco and Abi both won gold medals in their respective divisions, while JR scored a silver and a bronze medal in the no-gi and gi categories, respectively.

When I congratulated JR, he shook his head and told me that he wasn't satisfied with his performance. I told him that a podium finish is still a podium finish, and that he shouldn't treat it like it's nothing. He still didn't feel better about it, and I didn't get it at that moment. I only understood how he felt after that gig.

I was frustrated, and it showed all over my face. Manaha had no time to practice, and we were missing one band member. Although my friends said it was great, I knew for a fact that it was far from my best performance. I didn't mess up big time, I'm sure - it was actually quite okay - but the thing is, okay just isn't good enough.
Words to live by.
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Singing is something that I'm passionate about. Maybe I'm not as passionate about it as I am about writing, but I still love it and I want to do really well. Considering that I've had absolutely zero formal training, you could say that I'm being too harsh on myself, and maybe I am. But the thing is, I've done better before, so that evening's performance didn't meet my standards.

After that night, I made a promise to myself that I will approach my next gig as though it were the last time I will ever get to sing. I will find time to practice, no matter how busy my schedule gets, and I will not fall into the trap of mediocrity again. I've taken this vow so seriously that I practice every chance I get - in the bathroom while bathing, on the streets when I'm walking, and even on the bus when I'm heading to a meeting!

My next gig will be better - mark my word.


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