UM / After this, I have to go shopping again

12:00:00 AM

Because this is the last piece that I have to write about! And it's another fracking skirt!
Again, I can't ever get enough skirts. Sorry.
I'm all about the basics - what some people consider boring, I consider absolutely essential. And because a dark pencil skirt is a staple in any working girl's wardrobe, having more than one is not a sin (especially if you get them both from the ukay-ukay!).

I love how this skirt really clinches my waist and flatters my butt - on days when I can actually fit in it. The fabric isn't stretchable, so when I do put on a few pounds, this becomes a non-option. But I don't really feel bad about that because I bought it for a mere Php20. Not bad, eh? :)

Click here for the post with the store information.


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