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A couple of years back, my friend Pauline and I toyed with the idea of re-selling our smashing ukay-ukay finds online after we've worn them, with mark-up, of course! At the time, we were really bent on making it happen - we were already thinking of names for the business! Sadly, though, work and life just got in the way, so we never really got around to making it happen.
This, but online.
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At the moment, I'm considering the idea again, although I will admit that I'm not really too keen on it. Like the Ukay Tours, however, this isn't something I can mount on my own. For starters, I'm no good with measurements, and that will be critical here because the stuff I'll be selling won't come in small, medium, or large. Frequent returns could take its toll on the business.

Another reservation I have about doing this is the time requirement. I know that any entrepreneurial endeavor will inevitably need time, but I just don't have enough of it to set the ball rolling. I'll need a partner, or partners, even, to help me with the shopping and the selling. I wouldn't want to run out of options for my patrons just because I was too busy to shop and post the items.

There are a handful of successful online ukay-ukay entrepreneurs, which clearly shows there is a huge potential for the business. So if anyone wants to take this idea and run with it, then by all means, go right ahead! If you need advice on where to shop or how to go about it, leave me a comment and I would be happy to help. :)


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