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When I went to Makati Cinema Square for the very first time, the purpose of my visit was to try archery at Kodanda Archery Range. Before that day, I have never been to MCS, so I was pleasantly surprised to find all those ukay-ukay stores! :) It reminds me a bit of Baguio City's Skyworld, actually.
(photo from the internet)
I'm willing to bet that there are over ten ukay-ukay stores inside this mall. And because most of the stores are air conditioned, it's not as stuffy as the other shops I go to. But if you have allergic rhinitis, I'm sure you still won't be comfortable so just bring medicine when you go.

Makati Cinema Square is located in (surprise!) Makati. Haha! But seriously now, it's near the Skyway entry in Amorsolo. It's a five-minute walk from Greenbelt 1. Aside from the ukay-ukay shops, there are a lot of gadget stores there where you can get really good deals. There are also hobby shops for shooting, archery, and boxing.


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