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I can say without ego that I'm pretty knowledgeable in the world of thrift shopping - I've been to shops in Cubao, Makati, Antipolo, Marikina, Guadalupe, Mandaluyong, Baguio, and even Dumaguete - because I never just walk by a thrift shop when I see one! I always go in to check the merchandise, not only for my own benefit, but for other people, which I do through this blog.
Business idea!
I've been writing about my ukay-ukay adventures and finds for a while now, but I figured I could take it up a notch by hosting ukay-ukay tours in the city. My friend Anna gave me the idea, actually - she said that I knew enough good places to actually do it. I could organize it together with the Department of Tourism so it could become an actual city tourism offering.

To be honest, I don't have the time or the energy to pursue this - at least not by myself. I have other projects that need my time and effort, and because I know that this will take a lot of work, I'm not going to try to mount it alone. However, I'm putting the idea out there for anyone may want to make it a reality with me! I think it's a good business, and with the right revenue model, it could totally work!

If you're interested in this, leave me a comment! :)


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