An opportunity - part four

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While I was in Cebu, I got a text message from the HR rep of the advertising company I applied to - she informed me that I got the job, and that I should wait for the offer. I went on vacation after the event, and a part of me expected the offer to be ready by then because I was told that the position was urgent.

With or without the offer, however, I was ready to take the job when I got back. I spent a lot of time in Cebu thinking about what I had to do, and I decided that I was going to take the day job, be good at it, and dedicate all my spare time to MMA. I had it all figured out, and by the time I got to Dumaguete, I was ready to enjoy my vacation, at peace with my decision.
Where to, then?
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But while I was on vacation, something happened, and for the nth time in my life, I found myself in the proverbial fork in the road again.

Our friends from DEFTAC Dumaguete hosted Franco and I for most of the trip (thank you, John and Gayle, for being absolutely wonderful!). The local MMA scene has been inactive as of late, and one of the local businessmen there is looking to revive it. They basically asked for our advice on how to go about it, and of course we were ready to help.

The meeting took a different turn when he asked Franco and I to be part of the business, with an offer of 20% of profits at no capital outlay from our end - just sweat equity. The best part about the offer is that it would give me the opportunity to fulfill a dream, which is to move to Dumaguete.

The target was to launch the project by December, which means that if I were to take it on full-time, I would need to move by November.

To be continued...


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