An opportunity - part one

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Just when I thought I swore off the corporate world for good, it comes knocking on my door.

From July to August this year, I pretty much disappeared from the lives of my friends (sorry, loves) because I was really loaded with preparations for the Asian Carriers Conference 2014 in Cebu. I've had to turn down invites for cold ones from AR, my brother from another mother, because I was just too busy juggling ACC preps with other projects like the URCC Relaunch Party and Pioneer DJ Digital DJ Battle, plus boxing training.

So one random evening, by the tail end of August, I was commuting home from the Mandaluyong office of Stratminds when I decided to check my Instagram feed. AR posted a photo with his friend Meg and her boyfriend - they were having drinks in Balcony! I had some time to spare, so instead of heading straight to my boss's house in San Antonio Village, Makati, where more work awaited me, I decided to get off the bus in Paseo de Roxas and walk over to where he was. I just wanted to give my brother a hug because I haven't seen him in a while, but something else happened.

Like AR, Meg also works for an advertising agency. That night wasn't the first time we met, but it was the first that we actually had the opportunity to talk. She asked me what I did, and after I dished some details, she asked if I'd be interested in an Account Manager post in the agency she worked for. I hesitated because I don't have actual experience in advertising - I dabbled with it, but I've always been on the client side. That, and her agency was where my Kuya Landlord Jerry worked.

She asked for my number, and the following day, she sent me a message to remind me to send her my CV. So I did, but with absolutely no expectations, since I wasn't really sure if I fit the profile they were looking for. Besides, I was happy being a freelancer so I didn't really put much thought to the possible opportunity.
To my surprise, I got a phone call within the day from their HR, asking when I'd be free for an interview. We set it on a Friday, but I had to re-schedule to the following Monday because of (surprise!) ACC.
Reception couch waiting game
The first interview was with Meg and her boss, and it was a fun, light, and flowy sort of grilling. Haha! But seriously, that interview was one of the best I've had in a while - I got to be myself, and we shared a few laughs, too! I was amused that Meg even shared the story of how I warned AR to not punch me because I have no control over my defensive reflexes, and the boss feigned fear. Too good!

I got summoned back the same day for another interview, this time with the division head. We had to rush it because I was scheduled between meetings. Like the first, it was fun and light, but I couldn't really tell if she's sold on me because she was looking for someone with a strong background in account management. Nevertheless, I did get endorsed for the final interview with the company's head honcho.

To be continued...


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