An opportunity - part two

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So I ended Part One with the news that I got called back for an interview with the head honcho of the agency, which, in their terms, was another formality.

It was Friday; when most people dressed down for the last day of the work week, I dressed in full corporate regalia for my 11am interview. At the time, the Stratminds Team was still in the middle of preparations for the Asian Carriers Conference 2014, so I didn't have much sleep the night before (I had to revise three scripts and write a new one, all for the same event).

I walked in their office in my lucky pink dress. I consider it lucky because I aced all interviews I went to in it. Anyway, as I was waiting to be called in, thoughts were racing at the speed of sound in my head. Advertising  is an interesting opportunity for me; it will help me grow my network, which I've proven time and again to be extremely valuable. For that reason, and the steady paycheck and the health insurance benefit, a part of me wanted the job.

But then there's another part of me that didn't want the job. In recent months, I've grown passionate about mixed martial arts. I'm not comfortable to share too many details just yet, but suffice it to say I have plans in that direction and I'm worried that another corporate stint will get in the way of my making them happen. Being a freelancer gave me the freedom to work on those plans, and I didn't know if I could be as effective if I had a full-time job to go to every single day.
There's an internal conflict.
(photo of this overexposed model taken from the internet)
So I went into the interview with that conflict brewing in my head. That made me nervous - I was afraid that the boss would see through me and realize that I was torn between wanting and not wanting the post. That wouldn't help me at all, especially since I've had no real advertising experience prior. All I could bring to the table was, really, was fresh insight, a different perspective. Everything else, I still had to learn.

To be continued...


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