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My friend and "ultimate ka-bromance" J-Sio's pet peeve about me is my HAIR. I'm not exaggerating when I say that he HATES my hair with so much passion that every time we see each other, he never fails to make a comment about how UGLY my hair is. And I don't blame him - I spend so much time under the sun and too little time in the salon.
I like the font!
So when a friend asked me to do a writing project in exchange for salon services at Folded and Hung Famous Salon, I readily said yes! The thing with me is, if I were to get paid in cash, I'd be too kuripot to spend a single centavo in the salon. So to be paid in kind in this particular scenario is a good thing, because I'm forced to give my hair a break!
Reasonable prices!

I booked an appointment Folded & Hung Famous Salon in Glorietta 5 (I just had to walk over from the condo, yay!) without a clue as to what treatment/s my hair is in dire need of. Luckily for me, Marquee, the stylist, was extremely helpful, and for that, I'm really very grateful! And it's not just the stylist - everyone there was very warm and welcoming.
Cerebro. Not
Anyway, Marquee chose Dark Blonde, which is two shades lighter than my natural hair color. After the color, they gave my hair a total repair treatment - and I could almost hear my hair strands screaming "finally, thank you!" They used Schwarzkopf products on me, and the results were just... Wow. I felt famous for a while there, haha!
I like the interiors! :)
Marquee gave me a haircut, too. He still kept it long, but he layered it a bit. After that, they proceeded with blow drying, and man - I rarely say this about myself but indulge me just this once, please - I looked good! I looked like a woman with my soft and bouncy curls! When I saw myself in the mirror, I remember wishing that I could look like this everyday.
Side B
So maybe everyday is a bit of a stretch, but with their friendly prices, getting gussied up for dates (and even big meetings) is something even a kuripot person like myself would spend for. I didn't have a lot of time in my hands, so I wasn't able to try their other services, but after a wonderful experience, I'm definitely going back.
I feel pretty... Oh so pretty... Haha!
Also, if there's one thing the quirky little me loved about Famous Salon, it's the super cool interiors! As a musician, I instantly recognized the artists and bands they had on the walls. It's like being pampered in the very presence of huge icons!

Famous Salon has four branches - Glorietta 5, Makati, Connecticut Arcade, Greenhills, San Juan, SM City San Fernando, Pampanga, and Robinson's Place Ermita, Manila.


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