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My friend Franco turned 30 last August, and after a beach weekend celebration, there was a dinner and movie follow-up with our shared brother Jr, and the one person we all missed terribly while we were away - Alfred! :) It was a rainy Monday evening when Franco and Alfred picked me up from my condo to watch Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno in Greenbelt.

The three of us had dinner in Burger Bar. It's along the strip of restaurants where Nuvo, Namnam, Italianni's, Spicy Fingers, etc. are. I'm surprised they didn't look for ramen, haha! Don't get me wrong, though - ramen will always be the go-to food of the Triumvirate, but man does not live on noodles alone! And if you can't have ramen, have a burger!
The Isawisay Burger
As it was my first time there, I opted for the customized burger. I had the usual bun with sesame seeds, the fatty patty that oozed juices at each bite, and a lot of veggies for some semblance of healthiness. In a word: yum. Eating was a bit of a struggle for the two because their burgers had sunny side-up eggs (the yolk really made a mess of things), but I had it easy because I had my burger topped with B-A-C-O-N.

And I was surprised that the price points were actually quite affordable! Well, okay, Frank paid for our meal because it was his birthday salubong that night, but I know how much my order costs and I know I wasn't shortchanged. I don't know about the other items on the menu, but I'd be willing to pay more for the burger I had. :)


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