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It was the Friday night before I was set to leave for Cebu for the Asian Carriers Conference, JR passed by the condo to drop off the gi I borrowed (after Cebu, I was going to go to Dumaguete to give Franco a grand tour, and in return, I begged him to give me jiu-jitsu lessons at Pure Muscle, the gym of DEFTAC Dumaguete). He hasn't had dinner and neither have I, so we decided to give Project Pie in Park Square a try.

I like making pizza at home because I get to choose what goes in it. I'm a very picky eater, so if you ever have pizza at Shakey's with me, you'd see me taking out the bell peppers from the Manager's Choice before I start munching on my slice. For this reason, I have fallen completely in love with Project Pie. :)
Some find it plain, but I love it!
The Isay pizza is made of crust (duh), tomato sauce, parmesan and mozzarella cheeses, prosciutto, bacon, tomatoes, onions, basil and rosemary. JR's was a bit weird for my taste - aside from the meats, he had jalapeno and pineapples! He didn't like my pizza and I absolutely hated his. Haha!

As it was a Friday night, the lines were really long. Despite that, we got our meal quite fast. And at Php285 to make one's own pizza, it's a really good deal! I'm definitely going back there on my next pizza craving. :)

Anyway, after eating, JR and I went to Timezone for some kiddie fun. I totally sucked at bowling and air hockey, but I did okay in basketball. One of the machines was broken so JR and I decided to pretend like we were playing on court! Haha!  But the best part about my Timezone experience was the massage chair - I needed to relax a little before ACC!


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