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To the unfamiliar, the mother of all school rivalries in this country is between my alma mater, Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU), and De La Salle University (DLSU). It's mostly because of basketball, but sometimes the whole thing just spills over to academics and other stuff. I don't buy into any of that rivalry crap because even if I love basketball, I don't really watch collegiate games. I've been told that I do not have any school spirit, and I'm inclined to agree.

My friends Franco, JR, and Abi are from DLSU, and one random Thursday, they dragged my manang (old maid) ass to Plato Bar and Restaurant in Sherwood Place, Taft Avenue, Manila for Raveolution, a paint party which coincides with Happy Thursday (apparently, there are no classes in DLSU on Fridays, so the students go crazy on Thursday evenings) - sometime last August.

As a wannabe rockstar, raves were never my scene. But I accepted the invitation for two reasons - one, I badly needed a break from work, and two, one of the DJs, Mark Nicosia, was spinning. I met him when I worked on the event series for Pioneer DJ Digital DJ Battle 2014 Philippines, and he became a friend (he's crazy and he's a total riot!). Since it was a paint party, I put on an old red top and paired it with shorts that were just as old. Haha!
Some of the boys of DEFTAC La Salle
Feeling young! Haha!
To my surprise, I had a great time! I let loose, drank a lot, and tried to dance with the sea of people covered in stinky paint. But because I have low tolerance for alcohol, I had to sit half the evening out. Good thing Franco and I had ramen after; I got to sober up before we headed home. But aside from the party, the evening was marked by another highlight - I got my first DEFTAC shirt! :)
The art of badassery
Franco's timing couldn't have been more perfect - I forgot to bring a top I could change into! It would have been awfully sticky if I had to go home in my paint-soaked blouse! He told me that not everybody gets to wear a DEFTAC shirt - it's not available for purchase for anyone outside the fold. I was quite touched, I'll admit! I've written a lot about my DEFTAC friends lately, and I'd often say that they're more than friends to me now - they're family.

Looking forward to another Happy Thursday, with or without paint! And the next time I go, I'll wear this shirt (with pride, woot!)!


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