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And I got killed. Haha! After months and months of trying to find the time to give Brazilian jiu-jitsu a try, I finally got to do it. Woohoo! And the funny thing is, I did it all the way in Dumaguete City, Negros Island!

Back story: I met Franco last May, a few weeks before I left for Dumaguete for the first time this year. We became friends, and as with most friends these days, we followed one another on Instagram. To make up for my being a bad tourist in 2012 the first time I flew to Dumags (I only took 30 photos over a period of eight days), I posted a lot of photos of the places I visited on Instagram. He found them really nice, and on my part, I made sure to invite him and our other DEFTAC friends. After ACC 2014, I went to Dumaguete for a vacation, as did Franco, and I put together an itinerary that included two nights of BJJ/MMA training.
Happy tired!
We trained in Pure Muscle, the gym of DEFTAC Dumaguete. As it was my very first real session, I really struggled and it wasn't pretty! Haha! My sparring partner was Sookie, who already has some experience in muay thai and grappling, and she really brought her A-game. After one round, I begged Franco to just give me drills - I didn't have the right skill set just yet. That, and I'm a wuss! Haha!

Aside from being a total beginner, I was also the only one in a gi, which JR lent me. I don't own a rashguard or leggings for no-gi training, and because I didn't want to keep rubbing my skin against the gym mats, I insisted on wearing a gi. Which was fine because not only was my skin protected, I actually felt so warm in it that I got to sweat profusely - I had mild fever after Apo Island, so I felt much better after the workout.

The second night was more of the same - as Franco taught the DEFTAC Dumaguete folks some fighting concepts and techniques, I had a little corner for solo drills that forced me to take pain relievers the next morning for the trip to Oslob, Cebu. But I'm not complaining - after a couple of months of no exercise because of ACC, it felt great to get physical again.

The folks at BAMF MMA Center make it look so easy, but let me tell you now that BJJ is not easy - especially for beginners who have little or no background in martial arts. Aside from not having any technical knowledge of the sport, I'm also not physically strong (at least not at the time of the session, having come from months of zero activity). Again, wuss.

I have a long way to go, and to be perfectly honest, I haven't quite decided yet if Brazilian jiu-jitsu is for me. But I'm sure that I want to give it a shot - Franco suggested that I train for a year to find out for certain. So right now, another item just made it to my "To Buy" list, after a pair of gloves: my very own gi! :)


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