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When there's just too much caffeine and nicotine in my system, I end up writing things. That pretty much sums up how I ended up writing the poem "Away," which I posted on this blog a few weeks back.

Being part of the team that put together the Asian Carriers Conference 2014 was a huge honor for me, and a huge responsibility. It kept me up on most evenings, which resulted to really bad breakouts that only cleared up when my schedule finally normalized after the event. Although the load was heavy, there were still some light evenings, and it was on one of those that I got the chance to write it.

I was feeling anxious about being away for almost three weeks (September 7 to 22, to be exact) for the ACC 2014 and for the Dumaguete adventure with my friend Franco. I travel often, but my record before then was only eight days. So I felt as though I was walking away from things, from people. And I suddenly felt the urge to write.
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With a pen and loose sheets of paper, I started to pour my sorry heart out. And in ten minutes, it was over. The piece basically wrote itself. I wasn't really thinking anymore - not with my mind, at least. It was the product of one of those magical writing spells, where my right hand just moved the pen upwards, downwards, and sideways until the poem was done.

The first person I showed it to was my friend Reese, for two reasons - she loves reading poetry, and if it weren't good enough, I know she'd be honest enough to tell me. Luckily for me, she liked it! She even urged me to post it, which is why I moved the queue of my Literary Thursday posts and put it next in line.

Hope you all enjoyed the piece.


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