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I was afraid to explore singing as a career option because I was worried that I might not enjoy it as much if it became my bread and butter, if I depended on it so much to make a living. Singing, to me, was a break from my crazy life, and that explains why, to this day, I still don't want to take that road.

Writing, however, is different. I love writing, and it became the very foundation of my career. When I started in SMX as a Sales and Marketing Officer, no one really knew that I was a writer. It just so happened that I got issued an Incident Report over a stupid case, and my reply completely changed how my bosses looked at me. I was plucked out of Sales and I a completely new position was created for me: Marketing Communications Officer.
I will never stop.
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During my tenure, I wrote pretty much everything there is to write: business plans, brand charters, website content, brochures, advertisement copies, press releases, and even operating manuals. Boring as that may sound, it was actually a lot of fun for me. My writing portfolio finally went beyond my college blog (the one that makes me cringe, haha!), and I built my career from there.

I've had a number of day jobs since SMX, and the one thing they all had in common was that my writing skills were one of the things I brought to the table. Unlike music, I wasn't afraid that I wouldn't enjoy it if it became my primary income source. On top of my day jobs, I took on side projects that earned me extra dough. I started this blog, and aside from that, I still keep a diary on the side. When I left the corporate world, I peddled myself as a freelance writer and I'm happy to say that I'm making a pretty decent living.

Thank you, Universe, for the gift of words.


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