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The timing for my second Dumaguete trip for 2014 couldn't have been more perfect. The weather was on my side the whole time, and I got to watch HOPIA perform live, too! And another great part was that the theatrical run of Ampalaya The Musical was set on the dates that I was there! Awesome!
Ampalaya The Musical is the adaptation of the legend of the vegetable Ampalaya (bitter melon). My friend Jerry was part of the cast - he played Sibuyas (onion), and my other friend Andy was the stage manager. It was staged in Claire Isabel McGill Luce Auditorium inside Silliman University, and I dragged Franco with me to watch on the gala performance on Friday night.
Woot, Jerry!
Save for a few technical problems with the microphones, the entire production was an absolute delight to watch (Franco was LSS-ing after, haha!). Jerry was great in it, and I was soooooo proud of him - especially since I know that he has only been doing theater for a short time. He even lost weight - not sure if it's for the role or because of the role. Haha!
With my favorite onion!
Although some parts of the play were in the local language (Bisaya), I still enjoyed it immensely. I haven't watched a play in a while (the last was The Sound of Music), so it was a great addition to my trip. I even helped spread the word about it to the local Dumaguetenos I met during my stay!

Jerry and Andy, great job, you guys! Can't wait for your next production! :)


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