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Between work/income-generating projects and leisurely writing, training and paid writing, I don't really have a lot of time in my hands to hit the cinemas. The few times I did go the past year, I only went because of peer pressure. Besides, I'm too kuripot to spend money on something I can watch at a later time for free. Haha! Thankfully, though, movies have become so much more accessible in recent years, so I still get to watch what I missed.
Love it.
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The movie Begin Again is one of the films that I missed during its box office run. I only saw it recently, and I just absolutely loved it. I loved the story. I can't directly relate to details like getting dumped by a rockstar boyfriend or becoming an alcoholic of sorts. But as a budding songwriter, myself, I understand that the best songs come from the depths of one's soul.

I loved the soundtrack, too, and my absolute favorite song is the one Keira Knightley sang at the start of the film, about being alone in the big city. It actually made me want to write a follow-up to Pag-Amin, which is the last song I wrote (or at least just finish Marvie's sexy song once and for all!).

So now I'm trying to re-awaken the songwriter in me. I already brought back the poet with the piece "Away" (thanks again to my dear friend, Reese, for giving me to confidence to publish the piece - I love you, deary!). I'm also slowly resurrecting the storyteller with "It's Too Early," which is still in progress. I wish to write another song again very, very soon.


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