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Through another series of fortuitous events, my best friend and life partner Joandrea landed a job as an EA for DJ Joey Santos, who also happens to be the lead vocalist of rock group Halik Ni Gringo. On one of our random conversations, she mentioned to me that the band needed a manager to help them land more gigs and to build a bigger following. I offered my services for free, haha!
(photo from Halik Ni Gringo's Instagram page)
I guess a part of me really missed the music scene. When I was in college, I managed Familiar, but when they disbanded, I lost touch with the gig circuit completely. I wasn't really sure about what I could do for Halik Ni Gringo, considering that my old contacts were no longer active like me, but I figured there's no harm in taking on the role, if only to help out.

But enough about me - I wanna talk about the band! Halik Ni Gringo is a seven-piece ensemble: Joey on vocals and guitars, Wacky on lead guitars, Ron on rhythm guitars, Yaren on keyboards, Rio on bass, Bid on drums, and last but definitely not least is Edu "Robert Android 2000" on vocals and physical emotions. Yes, people, physical emotions. To understand, watch this:

The guy in the camouflage short-shorts is Edu, and he's doing an amazing job at physical emotions.

Because of their antics, I guess it's easy to dismiss Halik Ni Gringo as another joke band, but I caution you not to. For starters, they're all talented musicians in their own right, so even if they're being funny, they still sound great. They're really serious about their music (on the technical side, I mean) - they make it a point to carve out time to practice even though they all have day jobs.

And their songs are brilliant - there are hidden meanings that you can decipher only if you listen closely, not just with your ears but with a critical and/or open mind (I can't believe I just said that but I actually mean it, haha!). My favorite track from their debut album is NASA, I Have A Problem - the chorus goes I'll never forget | The way that you taste | When you launch me | Into outer space. GENIUS.

I got them to play at an MMA event that I organized last March, and my good friend and adopted brother Alfred Tweedledum Cheeseball Love got to watch them there. He became so much of a fan that he asked me for their CD! Luckily, Joey had an extra copy in his car, so I took that and gave it to Alfred. In the days that followed, whenever we'd drive around for URCC work, we'd listen to the album in the car.

Halik Ni Gringo's debut album, The Call of Booty, is available on iTunes.


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