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So I told my friend Reese one evening (well, wee hours of morning, to be accurate) that I was considering retiring Ukay Monday. Shopping has taken a backseat in my list of priorities, mainly because I'm not really a girly girl to begin with. Although ukay-ukay is still very cheap, I've refrained from entering stores because I'm saving up for other things (my own boxing gloves so I can give Franco's back, and my own gi! Woot!).

A part of me feels kinda sad about giving up the category, because I'm really a big ukay-ukay junkie. But to be perfectly honest, I find it a bit challenging to write about clothing because I'm not exactly a fashion plate (I just like cheap stuff, haha!). I don't know what's in, I just know the basics, the classics. I don't know much about fabrics. Bottom line, there's only so much I can say about clothing.

But because I don't really have the heart to retire the category completely, I've decided to do a time-sharing thing. Besides, 'retire' is a bit too extreme considering that I can write an Ukay Monday post again in the future if I so wished. Haha! So let's call it an "alternate."

Reese and I tried to brainstorm for possible alternates. She suggested movies, but because I'm not a big movie buff (not anymore, actually), it's not really something I'm too keen about. Besides, I usually just watch films adapted from books I've read/want to read. I'm also not a foodie - I eat a lot, yes, but my palate is very simple, so that's not exactly a great option for me, either.
Start the week right.
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She then recommended posting a joke, at the same moment I thought of posting an inspirational quote to set the mood for the week. And that's when it hit us: GOOD VIBES MONDAY! Haha! The category will feature anything and everything GOOD VIBES (that won't fall into any of the other categories, of course). It'll be purely curated content, because the internet is a wonderful place!

As a first Good Vibes Monday post, here's one of my favorite videos, shared to me by my adopted brother, JR:


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