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I guess this shouldn't be surprising anymore, but whatever - I was still pleasantly surprised that there was an ukay-ukay shop in the enchanted island of Siquijor! I went there last September with my friend Franco (please expect a bunch of posts about our Negros Island-Siquijor-Cebu adventure in the coming days) and when we stopped for lunch at a small local eatery, the ukay-ukay store immediately caught my attention.
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It wasn't like the stores I would often go to in Guadalupe or Cubao. It's actually a sari-sari store, but with a small ukay-ukay section. I didn't have the chance to browse through the items because we were just starting with the island tour and we didn't really have much time to spare. But from one look, I could tell that the selection was a bit limited. For what it's worth, though, they're really cheap.

So if you ever find yourself in Siquijor and you suddenly feel a strong itch to go thrift shopping - there's a shop there for you!


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