An opportunity - part five

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I skipped a week in my "An opportunity" series because of All Souls' Day, for which I wrote a short commemorative post about my mother. I left off with the question on whether or not I ought to take the job in the advertising agency, or if I should move to Dumaguete - to gamble with my future, even with my very life, for MMA.

Having seen for himself the beauty of Dumaguete, Frank understood why I fell so madly in love with the place that I wanted to move there when I hit the retirement age. For this reason, he was ready to let me move. He said I could still work on our project together even if I'm over 500 miles away - after all, we have our phones, and Manila is still just an hour away via plane.
Should I stay or should I go?
Alfred has a different take. He doesn't see why I need to move there; he said I could plan it remotely, and fly in only when needed. It's not a bad idea, actually. I could save myself the trouble of packing all my stuff in boxes and paying for cargo to bring everything to my new lodgings. He also wants me to take the advertising job and just work on MMA on the side, because I don't exactly have a back-up plan.

I've pretty much decided on Dumaguete on a vacation high, but when I finally had some down time, I got to really consider my options. I sat down and wrote pros and cons of moving and staying. I also did some number-crunching. I carefully laid out all the things that I had to consider before making the decision that will change my life.

But before I could make a decision, there were two new twists: one, I got a call from another company - this time, a publishing firm. I went for interviews and the prospects seem good. And two, a couple of exciting projects are coming in - projects I'm sure I want to be part of - but I can only handle it if I stay in the big city.

To be continued...


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