An opportunity - part six

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One random day, I was hanging out in Alabang Town Center with Alfred after a meeting with a certain group for a provincial project when I got a phone call from Meg's boss. He informed me that the position I was being considered for closed up, not because someone else got hired, but because of an internal directive. 

However, they still wanted me on board, and at the soonest possible time - they didn't want any other company to have the opportunity to make me an offer. I told him that I was being considered for another post in a publishing firm, and so he offered the temporary solution that they thought of: contractual employment, pending the re-opening of hiring.
As of press time, I've already started. :)
I said yes, and he told me to wait for the offer. 

But the truth is, I didn't have to wait for the offer, because I've known for a while that it was the right decision given the circumstances. As for the opportunity in Dumaguete, I'm not giving it up completely. I can still run it remotely, and I'll just fly in and out as needed. It's pretty textbook, if you ask me - any event, if planned right, will run itself, by itself. I'm confident that I can still make something happen even if I'm not there, with the right local team, of course.

Music is one of the factors that affected my final decision. Although we don't play often, I'm still quite attached to Manaha. I'd feel bad about leaving them (especially Gershwin) without a vocalist; as it is, we're already missing some key members. Also, a friend of mine who got to listen to our practice sessions asked if I'd be interested to form a 90s cover group, just for kicks. It's a guilty pleasure - so I'm in!

Another thing that made me stay is, of all things, jiu-jitsu. I recently shared that I already bought a gi, and I'd like to give the sport a shot. Dumaguete has a great MMA scene, with talented coaches under whom I can train, but they don't have jiu-jitsu. The nearest place where I can train is Cebu City, but it's about four hours away (ferry + bus), so it's not very practical. 

Dumaguete will always be in the pipeline. It's an amazing place and I could really see myself growing old there. Dumaguete was incredibly appealing - I've always said that my heart is in that place, and I will eventually move there. I plan to retire there, but as I'm only 27, I still have a long way to go before retirement. At this point in my life, I can't get uprooted from the big city, so I've decided to stay.


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