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My entire family loves sardines, especially my Dad (he always asks me to buy him Spanish-style sardines from the grocery), and although I have to admit that it tastes good, I'm really not a huge fan of it. I never quite figured out why, but after a trip to Moalboal in Cebu, I have a theory: I prefer my sardines ALIVE!
My view for lunch
After ACC 2014, I made the most of being in the Visayas by taking a vacation in Cebu and Dumaguete! Chari was my wonderful host for Cebu, and she introduced me to her friend Edwin, the man behind the blog Lakbay Diva! Too cool, eh? Edwin used to work in Plantation Bay, a swanky resort in Cebu, as a merman. Yes, you read that right - a merman! He teaches people how to swim like a mermaid. Interesting!
Edwin the Merman
Not a beach, but just as awesome
Small patch of sand
I got really lucky because Edwin was free on that Monday, so he accompanied me to Moalboal. Free diving there was a wonderful experience! I got tired easily because I don't do it often, but the hour and a half that I spent in the water was more than enough for me. There was an explosion of color on the sea bed, courtesy of beautiful coral reefs and different kinds of fish. 
I'm now a legit backpacker, baby!
Mosquito Net
Chill spot
But the best part was the schools of sardines. Their scales were all plain silver, but watching them swim together in the millions was just breathtaking. I couldn't dive so deep, so Edwin would do that for the both of us - he'd surprise the sardines from underneath, and in a split second, they would sharply change direction. The glimmer that this movement created underwater was a magnificent sight that will forever be seared in my memory. I wish I had an underwater camera, though, so I could share the sight with anyone who stumbles upon this blog. 
Sorry I don't have pictures from under the sea. Here are pegs.
Thank you Nanay Ningning! :)
Edwin headed back to Cebu City that afternoon, while I stayed the night in a cozy backpacker lodge. There I met Nanay Ningning, a masseuse. I was exhausted from the bus trip and from the swimming, and from the event - so I decided to splurge a little on an hour-long massage. She has magic hands, so if you ever find yourself in Moalboal, ask for her!
My first and only Argentinian friend, Anibal!
I also met Anibal, and Argentinian filmmaker and traveler, and we talked in length about music (I told him I listened to Bajofondo Tango Club, and he recommended that I look up Gotan Project and Tanghetto) and wine (I'm a fan of Malbec, which is grown where he's from). We had dinner together, and before I left the lodge in the morning to go to Oslob and then Dumaguete, I wrote him a note to say thanks.


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