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One random day in September, I was on my way to the Stratminds office for a post-event meeting on ACC 2014 when I got a call from Mark. He has an emergency and he needs someone to sub for him as scriptwriter for an event - the opening of the newest stores of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Jamba Juice in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. 
New store!
I wanted to say yes, but I had that meeting and so I was ready to decline. The next thing I know, it was JM who was calling, and when I explained to him the situation, he, himself, called Lala to "borrow" me for the day in light of Mark's emergency. They're good friends, so it should come as no surprise that Lala readily said yes in order to help him out.
Free smoothies for everyone on pre-opening! :)
So I asked the cab driver to head to Quezon City instead of Mandaluyong, and by noon, I was already there. I brought out my laptop and immediately got to work. There were a lot of revisions because of brand sensitivities that were not in the briefing, but because the clients were clear with their directions, the process was actually easy.
Yummy, healthy colours 
At around 3pm or so, someone from the PR Team told Edel that there were already two bloggers present, to which JM replied, "No, you have three," while pointing at me. Haha, I love JM! Even before it was brought up, I was already thinking of writing something about the drinks - I was reviewing the menu earlier that day to figure out which smoothie I want to try.

Because cold weather makes me sickly, I opted for a large Orange C-Booster. It had orange juice, peaches, bananas, orange sherbet, C & Zing and Antioxidant Boosts. The drink is equivalent to 2.5 fruit servings, which is waaaaay more than I've been getting in a week because of my crazy schedule and generally unhealthy lifestyle. Boo!
And the yumminess continues, yay!
I got some GCs, too, not just for more Jamba Juice smoothies, but for a one-day unlimited trial at Beyond Yoga! I got two GCs for yoga so I gave one to JR. As for the Jamba Juice GCs, I got five, so I gave one each to Alfred (he gave it to his wife Kat), Franco, and JR, leaving two for me. I've already used them up already - both in Jamba Juice Alabang Town Center - I tried classic smoothies Carribean Passion (absolutely yummy!) and Razzmatazz (just as yummy!). 

Jamba Juice now has 13 stores, including the one in Tomas Morato - drop by any one of them to get your fill of some good stuff for your body! What I love about Jamba Juice is that it helps you take care of you! 

For more information, visit their website - :) 


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