Lighting a candle for Mom

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While a number of my friends are out for Halloween parties all around the metro, I've decided to just stay in tonight. For one thing, I'm too lazy to think of a creative costume for the festivities. And again, clubs were never really my scene, so staying home wasn't a bad idea at all. I lit a candle for Mom on the condo's balcony, and I said a prayer of thanks.
Thank you.
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Some time in September, a couple of days after I got back from my Cebu/Dumaguete trip, I woke up and thought of her first, and then I started crying. After thirty minutes or so, I managed to calm myself; I walked from my room to the living room, and when I parked my ass on the couch, I started crying again. I really don't get it.

That was, by far, the worst episode of "How I Miss My Mother," and for the rest of that day, I would randomly burst into tears while doing the most mundane of things like washing the dishes or organizing my clothes. I called my best friend, Joandrea, and hearing her voice made me feel so much better (she has that effect on me).

I posted about missing Mom on Facebook, and I got some reassuring responses from friends. Alfred even shared how he misses his Mom when he takes a bite of apple pie from McDonald's, and knowing that I wasn't the only one experiencing nostalgia - the pain of an unappeased longing to return, in the words of Milan Kundera - was comforting.

By night time, I felt better, and I decided that staying holed up in the condo was not going to help me. So I walked over to Cyrano Wine Shop for some much-need conversation/human interaction with my good friend Alex. I told him about my trip and about the plans that I've made as a result of it. I told him about missing my Mom, and having lost a dear one right about the same time I did, he understood.

Sometimes, that's all you really need - someone you know for certain will understand.


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