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I've been writing for a long time now; I've written articles, brochures, websites and other online content, marketing decks, blog posts, and journal entries. It's the journal entries that I've been writing the longest - I first picked up a diary some time in grade school, and I've kept one ever since.

On the average, a 100-page notebook would last me a good six months. There would be cases when I'd be done with a notebook in less time, and then there'd be times when a journal would last me much longer than that. I just recently closed out a journal I've had for almost a year now, and in the process, I had a realization of sorts.
Keep writing.
I'm generally a busy person (I work even when I'm on vacation), but I do what I can to squeeze in writing time into my schedule. So when a journal lasts me longer than average, it doesn't just mean that I don't have time to write - it's actually indicative of a bigger issue. It usually means that I'm going through a really bad phase in my life.

The possible correlation between the life span of my journal and the state of my life at the time I'm filling its pages is, perhaps, a stretch. But I think that in my case, it's true. It's not that I'm miserable when I'm unable to write - I've made it my life's mission to NOT be miserable no matter the circumstances - but my life is in much less order when I'm no longer able to set aside time for what I consider to be therapy for my soul.

I said this before and I'll say it again: writing heals. And in my case, it heals me almost instantly. Bad days are saved in the end when I get to pen a page or two of nothings. Whether it's writing for other people, or just for my own consumption, the process of putting thoughts on a sheet of paper was, is, and always will be cathartic. And I will never stop.


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