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I asked for my friend Reese's help to finish Marvie's sexy song. That song has been in the works for about eight years now, so I could really use all the help I could get to finish it. I actually just need one verse that will connect the bridge with the outro, but I couldn't find the words.

To help me out, she lent me a couple of books written by poet and visual artist Lang Leav - Love & Misadventure, and Lullabies. It took me a few days to actually start reading, but when I did, it only took me some hours to devour both titles. Her poems are mostly short, so I didn't need much time to finish them. 

I've loved poetry for most of my life. I started with pieces penned by Edgar Allan Poe, Elizabeth Barrett-Browning, William Henley, Walt Whitman, and William Shakespeare - all for school, of course. But on my own, I read other writers, too - I started with Pablo Neruda after watching Il Postino, and for a while I also got hooked on the works of the late Maningning Miclat.

It's been a while since I last read poetry; left and right I've been reading novels, philosophical discourses, and biographies/autobiographies, and Lang Leav's books are a fresh addition to my roster. Her works are far from the traditional pieces that I'm accustomed to. But they're quite entertaining, I must say.

Reese has this term/expression (which she also uses as a hashtag whenever appropriate): hugot. It's a Filipino word that means to pull from under, or from a point of depth, and these days, it's used as a descriptor for or a retort to statements that come from somewhere deep in a person's heart or soul. That is how I would describe Leav's work: they're hugot pieces.

As a student of traditional poetry, however, I can't say I'm particularly impressed by the books. Again, her works are not bad at all, but I find them juvenile and immature. I understand why it would appeal to hopeless romantics, or to starry-eyed adolescent girls in love with boys who don't notice them.

Maybe I'm reading her books a little too late in life. Maybe I'm old school. Or maybe I'm being elitist. But I don't consider everything that rhymes to be poetry. For me, poetry is NOT simple, because it shouldn't be - more than emotions, there has to be a fair amount of depth and complexity in each piece.

But again, it's an enjoyable read. I'd recommend it to people who aren't particularly interested in poetry.


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