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Because the traffic in Metro Manila has gone from bad to worse, I've made a conscious effort to minimize my commutes. Almost everything I do now is in Makati, or in Paranaque, and I avoid Ortigas and Quezon City like the plague. But as a freelancer, I can't exactly choose where a project will take me, so last September, I found myself in Tomas Morato for the store opening of Krispy Kreme. 
Happiness is something sweet. 
You will not be left wanting.
I like the store because for starters, it's not in a mall - it's its own shop. I avoid malls unless there's something I really need to buy, because the sheer volume of people is enough to make me dizzy (I have my hermit tendencies). The store is actually quite small; it can only accommodate about ten to twelve dine-incustomers at any given time. It's cozy, so for me, it's  a great place for quiet writing over a cup of coffee.
Ooooh goodie!
#JoyInABox? Indeed.
Krispy Kreme Tomas Morato is offers the complete range of products, including brunch and Baked Creations, so if I don't really feel like munching on doughnuts (yummy as they are), I have other options to consider. If I ever have to meet with clients in Quezon City, I'd definitely bring them here!


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